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"Books can open your mind, wake you up and set your world on fire."

Your books to
English readers

We want to make you famous. You have done the research, slaved over syntax, simile and alliteration, and finally, it is done. You have written a book. You brought it to us to create an eBook and perhaps a print book as well - but now what?

We will take it to the English reading world for a base rate of:


Our distributors send your book details to hundreds of outlets, but that does not ensure it is seen by readers.


So we decided to do more. We can interview you, create videos, podcasts and present your book to Book clubs around the world.

Multi-storey Library

We do not promise you will become a best seller over night, but we can guarantee that your book will be seen by English readers around the world. 


The book trade can present a complicated path to climb. Let us make it easier for you to reach the top.

With our 25 years experience and broad network, we can make sure your work is visible.

Contact us for more details and we will discuss your unique project and prepare a quote tailored for your needs.

Let’s Work Together


Mill House, 3200 Helsinge, Denmark


Tel: +45 8987 1359 (DK)


Nicole (USA)

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