Why The Naiads Dance

Why The Naiads Dance

Sagas and legends are the familiar tales deep in our bones. Saga-Whyte retells the stories with renewed sparkle and warmth.

In 'Why The Naiads Dance', book one of the Naiad Legends, a fiesty little Naiad, Scarlett, goes beyond the magic river against all advice, on a quest to find the sorcerer. She makes some startling discoveries. Little sister Rosy joins her and together they go to the source to ask the ancient ones, their questions.

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    Long before Christianity made an entrance in northern Europe, a rich story-culture of legends and sagas prevailed in which nature stood central. This world was populated by a living nature, where primal powers played and plants and stones spoke, and this is the domain of the Naiads – tiny, sparkling wish-sprites, the smallest of nature’s creatures. In this first book of ‘The Naiad Legends’, two little wish-sprite sisters, Scarlett and Rosy, dance and play in a timeless River. Although their life is careless and free, Scarlett becomes weary of the endless repetition. She takes a step that takes readers on a journey of discovery. Scarlett does something which no Naiad has done before: she asks ‘why?’ Why does everything change colour? And who is behind it all? The tiny wish-sprite decides then and there to go in search of the creator of the world.