Duke's Boys

Duke's Boys

"There will come a day. This is your day!"

On the 13th August 2019 Danish PM, Mette Frederiksen officially apologised for the abuse and mistreatment of orphaned children from 1938 - 1970. Author Lise Muusmann interviewed survivors of one institution, Godhavn (Safe Haven) in 2014 and has created a fictional story, based on accounts from those interviews. This is the boys' story, told in their own words.

It is 1960, Dennis Skjold is orphaned and sent to The Home. He misses his father who was a jazz pianist. Dennis decides to form a jazz band in secret. The story evolves with the planning of this project and building fierce friendships in the face of incredible odds. The inmates aged from 8 - 18 survive day to day in circumstances that are deeply shocking to us in today's western society.

This is a story to be told once, then to realize that we as a society must pay attention to the care for the vulnerable; the young, old or infirm. Never lock them away to be forgotten or ignored by the wider society, so that predators or the unstable can again slip through the net to take positions of responsibility, like letting the fox take care of the henhouse.


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