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We believe there will always be a place in the world for physical 'hold in the hand' books. And so by popular demand, we also provide a print on demand edition of your book. One book at a time means orders can be fulfilled within a few days at a print facility near you or your readers. Top quality paperback, hardcovers and specialist editions are made available to be distributed world-wide.

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Print Books Process

About Hybrid Publishing

A clear answer to a confused market.

Traditionally, a publishing house presented books into the market, taking full responsibility for whatever was between the covers, and indeed on the cover. The author would be introduced via an agent, or would write letters and send off their precious intellectual property in bundles through the post. Perhaps they would hear back with a short letter, perhaps not. If successfully accepted and contracted, the author would receive 5% or 10% in royalties bi-annually. In most cases, these professional publishing houses could be trusted by the book trade and by authors. 

For the writer who is serious about getting published:


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Copyright and all other rights remain with the Author or Author's representative. We receive the right to publish. We allocate the ISBN(s)

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