Prices and Procedure

Text Conversion to digital publishing:

Our prices are attractively low and our procedures are simple and efficient. We will assess your work individually then quote a price and time schedule. Currently we have two conversion price levels, standard and complex.

Discounted Packages

We can also offer cover design and editorial plans to complete your project in a professional manner that will make your eBook stand out from the crowd.


Send us your work for assessment and we will get back to you within 2 days with a package specifically designed for you. Payment is easy with credit card or iDeal. You will then receive a service contract outlining everyone's responsibilities to make the project a success and your work goes into the conversion process. You will receive your ISBN and your work will be copyrighted in your name and distributed world wide. We take a very competitive distribution fee of only 20% of wholesale price and you will receive your royalties bi-annually, with monthly statements.

Promotion is vital. We are open to discuss your promotional needs. Contact us for more information.

Layout & design

Expertly designed layout to comply with digital publication requirements as well as print books, including footnotes, indexing, graphics and of course all text work is spell-checked before signed off, ready to approve and print.

Basic price:

euro: 200

euro 150,00


Standard text conversion to eBook, with chapter headings and text body. No images or graphs within the book (other than an author portrait, if required).

Per page:

euro 0,50

euro 0,5

Leather Bound Books

Complex text conversion, including images, graphs, and indexing. Large books over 500 pages will be quoted on a lower price scale, upon assessment.

Per page:

euro: 0,90

euro 0,8

Cover design

If you would like us to design your cover professionally, we can do that too! Just tell us if you would like to add the cover design and we can discuss your ideas.

Cover design

euro: 150

euro 150

Reading Books Makes You Better
Print on Demand

Once your eBook is in our system we can also create a print on demand edition for you, with a separate isbn number. The distribution benefits are all exactly the same as for the eBook. You will receive your royalties for both editions at the same time. Choose the additional choice button on the assessment form if you would like your readers to have the option to choose a print book as well as an eBook.

Additional edition set up fee:

euro: 39,95

euro 39,99

Professional editing

Our editorial partners are fast, efficient and professional. Send in a sample for a free trial and an individual price quote can be arranged for the full work. You have put effort and planning into your book, it deserves to be presented at its best.  (request form link below)

Basic plan per word:

euro: 0,20

euro 0,020

Promotion plans

Our distributors send your book details to Amazon to bookshop chains, libraries and online eBook sellers. But if the readers do not know anything about your book - nothing happens! We decided to do something about that.

We offer a full promotional plan that includes a video interview, book review, book signing arrangments and articles.

Full plan

euro: 300,00

euro 0,020