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All about Traditional Publishing

There are big advantages to getting an agreement with a traditional publisher. Here are some of them (not listed in any particular order):

· Very wide distribution to book stores, libraries and online markets worldwide.

· A huge boost in credibility. Suddenly you will find that radio and TV hosts are keen to have you, whereas without a book you stand no chance.

· No risk to yourself, although we do of course recommend that everyone should read the fine print on any contract before they sign. Publishing is a complex business and mistakes can easily be made, some of them quite costly!

· You get a professional product without risk which is widely distributed throughout the world. Very often traditional publishers can keep the retail price low, qhich will help the sales of your book

Right now (March 2022) the book market is very tough due to the challenges that the last two years have presented. A tough market like this, results in wafer-thin profit margins, so traditional publishers have become more and more risk-averse. They are especially resistant to taking on debut authors, preferring to stick with existing Names who are sure winners. However, they remain open to offers by small independent publishers who can prove good sales. Getting a good literary agent may also help.

To sum up: getting a contract with a traditional publisher is the number one prize, but that is not likely for a debut author.

I will be covering the roles of other publishing models such as vanity, self-publishing and subsidy publishers in upcoming blogs. I will be setting out the pitfalls and advantages to them so that you may make an informed choice.

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