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Publishing Packages

We are offering discounted packages for the author who just wants an eBook, to the full All-in-One package for the busy writer or business who requires a complete, guided publishing project, taken care of from start to finish.

To help you decide which plan suits you, first fill out our free Assessment form and upload part or all of your work.

After we have discussed your project and you have purchased your package, we will keep you updated with the schedule for delivery.

Get it now! Pay with credit card or iDeal and start your project straight away. Or contact us to learn more.

Book a time here:

Work Desk

eBook creation with isbn, with cover, distributed worldwide

Writer's Basic €250

eBook creation with isbn, your own cover, distributed worldwide

Smiling Businessman

Additional print edition including ISBN, cover, distribution

Writer's Medium 475

Basic package with additional print edition, ISBN, cover and distribution

Story Book

The full works: Plus Audio, 3rd ISBN cover, discounted edit & Promo

Writer's Premium €1500

Premium package includes all three packages with additional Audio availability, 3rd ISBN  and start-up promotion.

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