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The English Academy

The Calliope Workshop

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Online courses for new writers, consisting of short videos and dynamic workshops.

'Homework' can be sent in by email for one to one tutoring.

Download resource material here:

One-time fee includes:

Valuable video lessons from experts

Dynamic tutorials

One free consultation with the publisher

Upon completion, discounted publishing services.



Annemarie S Jensen

Editorial and text correction.

English Lit, Victoria University (NZ)

London School of Journalism

15 years in publishing

Short tailor-made courses for the writer with a busy work and home life. Learn how to prioritize writing time, and find clarity.

ABOUT publishing

The free communication of opinions and ideas is a fundamental human right. Federation of European Publishers

  1. "The respect of copyright, the basis of any publishing activity, is all the more necessary in a digital environment. Only a strong copyright framework can sustain the publishing ecosystem and deliver diverse high-quality content for readers."

  2. "Freedom to publish is linked to the freedom to create. The FEP respects and upholds the rights of authors and publishers within the contractural relationships freely entered into by both parties.” - declaration of principles November 2017.

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