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Digital publishing for businesses, institutions, schools and libraries. Vital information can be accessed anywhere, with digitization. We can prepare any text with images graphs and video into reflowable or anchored text to be read on any device.

We are able to handle bulk editions, such as textbooks, journals and technical manuals. Our high-speed scanners are extremely accurate and can revive out of print books, or produce electronic copies for distribution. This method can also preserve ancient tomes with minute detail, for posterity.

Example eBook


We can convert all your books to eBooks, efficiently and expertly. Academic books, textbooks or simple brochures are all treated with the same care. We offer a discount of 10% for a series of 10, 15% discount for over 25 in the series.

We are happy to quote.

Offset Print

We can lay out your text, or receive finished and ready to go files for volume printing at very reasonable rates. And of course in top quality. The books are shipped on plastic palets and delivered by express anywhere in the world.

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Out of print books can be revived, updated (or not) and made available again. Vital document archives can be scanned and stored electronically. Ancient tomes can be scanned to pdf, then available to copy-paste text to file, for example for law students researching precedents for study. 

Books Online

It is the time for books to go online. It has never been easier to access and disseminate information. Keep your corporate texts secure with digital rights management, to be accessed inhouse only, or present and promote your business with brochures available for all.

Bring your business ideas, journals, textbooks and inhouse corporate information to life digitally. Our eBooks can include video, audio segments anchored to text blocks, and can be highlighted with sticky-note colours. Sticky notes can be jotted down and stored at the margins for reference between colleagues, or for personal memos for study.


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