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Thomas Sørensen & Annemarie Jensen


HYBRID PUBLISHING the clear answer to a confused market.

Sørensen and Jensen combine years of accumulated know-how to provide quality services for authors, businesses, libraries and institutions, converting text to ebooks.


EPUBLISHIFY offers the editorial experience of an established publishing house and the technical expertise of 10 years leading Danish digital design to provide a professional alternative to the 'do it yourself' conversion programs that are available online.


Our technical branch converts any text into outstanding digital publications that are flowable and easy to read on any device. From a plain text novel, to the most complicated academic tome full of references, footnotes and images, our process delivers a smooth digital experience, either flowable or fixed, as desired. The fast, efficient book scanning solution can preserve rare, out of print books in digital format and  even children's illustrated books or cook books can be created in flip book form for ipad.




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